Eavestrough Cleaning Services

Ottawa’s most experienced choice in eavestrough cleaning & gutter scooping. Prism Window Cleaning offers a wide range of services that suit your needs.

Every year around Ottawa dirt and debris collects in residential homes eavestrough & gutter systems. This causes them to start blocking and clogging. Blocked and clogged eavestroughs can lead to costly damage and nuisances to homeowners, this makes eavestrough cleaning an essential maintenance for your house. Potential problems and issues that can occur include:

-> Overflow and sagging (warping eavestroughs decreases overall functionality)
-> Ice damming (trapped ice thaws on the roof causing costly damage to the roof and home)
-> Pooling of stale water (allows for the breeding of mold, mildew and mosquitos)
-> Water accumulation dripping into window wells (can cause costly basement flooding and foundation damage)
-> Accumulation of roof shingle dust and debris (leads to blocking and clogging of eavestrough systems)
-> Permanent streaks (blackened drip line marks on the eavestroughs and gutter systems)

Prism Window Cleaning offers a wide range of eavestrough cleaning, gutter clearing services:

Standard eavestrough cleaning & gutter scooping
Pressure soft wash eavestrough & gutter cleaning
Installing eavestrough & gutter protection systems

All eavestrough & gutter cleaning projects involve an environmentally friendly approach. This includes using eco-friendly yard bags and a bio-degradable solution (natural oils and degreasers) with a high efficiency pressure washer at soft correct pressure levels. This ensures water is not wasted at your house and no damage is caused when cleaning your eavestrough & gutter systems. In addition, our trained staff use ladder standoffs for every contract to ensure no damage is done to your house. Prism Window Cleaning meets every eavestrough cleaning job with the highest safety and quality standards.

Ask a Prism worker to have a free look at your eavestroughs while they are at your home or call for an appointment. Prism’s trained staff are able to inform the client of the overall condition and can recommend the correct service for their home’s specific need. Prism Window Cleaning can clean and control the damage caused by years of mold build up and tend to minor repairs where needed.

Standard Eavestrough Cleaning & Gutter Scooping:

Prism Window Cleaning uses ladder standoffs to ensure no damage is done to the clients home. Prism’s workers clear all dirt and debris from all eavestroughs and gutter systems by hand and specialized tools. The eavestroughs & gutters are then flushed to ensure no clogging in any downspouts. The waste is then disposed into eco-friendly yard waste bags and removed from the homeowner’s residence.

Pressure Soft Wash Eavestrough & Gutter Cleaning:

Pressure soft washing eavestrough & gutter systems involves the use of a high efficiency pressure washer and with a soft brush down first allows for the proper removal of years of dirt, debris and mold build up around your house. A Prism worker applies eco-friendly (natural degreasers) to loosen stuck on dirt and grime. They have been trained to always uses the correct degree of spray and always low pressure to ensure no damage is done to the eavestroughs, roof, siding or soffits. Every pressure washing siding job and soft wash eavestrough cleaning job involves cleaning the inside of the eavestroughs, cleaning of all downspouts and pressure washing the underbelly of the eavestroughs.

Installing Eavestrough & Gutter Protection Systems:

Eavestrough and gutter protection is the best way to prevent future problems that may arise with your downspouts if you tend not to get eavestrough cleaning done frequently. Prism has experience in installing various types of eavestrough and gutter protection systems. Prism’s staff are able to evaluate and determine what kind of an eavestrough and gutter protection system is suitable for your house and work with you on your budget. There are various types of protection systems for your eavestrough and gutter downspouts at every budget. Compliment your house’s eavestrough cleaning job with a protection system to reduce the frequency of having to call Prism’s staff out. No matter the price, installing a system does not guarantee not having to have servicing done for life. There can still be drift accumulations on the roof which can cause any one of the described problems above.

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